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Disco's Bitch

Registered: Apr 2002
Location: Monroe, LA

Update from a National Guard friend INSIDE the SuperDome

One of the girls I work with's boyfriend who I'm in a pool league with is in the Guard. Anyways, she talked to him last night and this morning and has some pretty good information.

heard from him last night he scared the shit out of me he said the back up generators were about to go under water and there would be no lights at all their all still stuck in the dome people are looting and rioting tehy've had fights out the ass and they had to contain some guy running around stabbing people with pens and whatever else he could find, then of course the one that jumped off the rafters and killed himself. then jas had to take of of the sgts to jackson barricks and fill the lmtv with body bags and i think jas said they got about 500 and all of them are full now, the toilets are backing up people are pissing and shitting in the hallways and on peoples belongings

and he said if the lights did go out prolly half of them wouldnt make it through the night with all the freaks in there so i was all upset but he called me this morning said the water didnt rise that high to take down the generators but if they dont fix the levy they very well could cover them today or possibly tomorrow

hats just what they got until they ran out of bags he said its not people from the dome its the ones that were burried coming back up

heir running out of food, and clean drinking water he said theres bodies all over in the city floating around which is not good considering the risk of disease. but this morn he said things were a little better besides the water rising

yea he said the smell is unbearable he said the dome smells like someone just took a big shit in it and its been sitting there for weeks

yeah i think jas is about to flip out his dad said he called him yesterday morning in tears bc the way these people int he dome were acting trying to start shit with the nat guard and fighting and the smell and no ac


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Disco's Bitch

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good update dude....you should go on CNN


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WTF is wrong with people!! Do we help them or light a match?


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this post needs more ducks


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