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Disco's Bitch

Registered: Mar 2002
Location: Dover, DE

A Rather Pointed E-mail Posted On Slashdot About The New Orleans Disaster

Taken from: http://science.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=161322&threshold=1&commentsort=0&tid=99&tid=14&mode=thread&cid=13493066

It's long, so I'm going to break it into a few posts...

Subject: Re: [Chapter-delegates] Condolences from Indonesia
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 10:07:30 -0400
From: Gene Gaines
To: Irwan Effendi

On Sunday, September 4, 2005, 9:49:03 AM, Irwan wrote:

> To the people of the United States

> We share your loss and grieve over the disaster in New Orleans.
> As it is still fresh in our memory what happened earlier in Aceh, we
> understand what kind of sadness and sorrow you are going through, therefore
> if there is anything we can do to help, please do not hesitate to let us
> know.
> We suggest that all of us must work to find preventive solutions so that in
> the future, tragedies such as these can be avoided.

> On behalf of Indonesian members

> Irwan Effendi - secretary


Thank you so much for your thoughts.

Much appreciated.

I have thought long and hard about my statement below, but these
things need to be said. Just as many people in the U.S. were
interested in what really happened in Aceh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka,
etc. with the tsunami, I believe many people in other countries
are interested in what is happening with our disaster along the
U.S. Gulf Coast. What is happening in New Orleans screams out to
exposed for all to see.

A personal note. I am now living near Washington DC, but was
born and spent much of my early life in New Orleans. My father
is buried in New Orleans. So many of my boyhood friends have old
family homes along the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama coast
lines. All gone now.

Many people here will be working to assist the disaster victims.

But it must be stated that this hurricane caused two disasters.
Two disasters, very different, and must be dealt with in very
different ways. This is painful and embarrassing, but some facts
about the two disasters need to be said.


Old Post 09-06-2005 07:22 PM
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Disco's Bitch

Registered: Mar 2002
Location: Dover, DE


1) The hurricane missed New Orleans, passing just to the east,
with strength to inflict significant but not catastrophic
damage in the city. It was the breaks in the levees around
New Orleans that caused the great tragedy there. Could the
levee breaks and subsequent flooding have been prevented?
Yes. But soon after the present Bush administration took
power, ongoing work on the levees, already in progress, was
stopped by cutting the funding. Several new projects,
critical to maintaining the integrity of the levees, were
halted. Local officials, Louisiana elected officials to our
national Congress, all raised their voices in protest of
these cuts. In speech after speech and newspaper article
after article, strong voices were raised, warning that the
levee maintenance work was critical, and would open the city
to flooding by a hurricane if not done. The levee work was
not restarted. Why? Statements were made as to why the funds
were needed elsewhere: (a) the coming war in Iraq (big U.S.
firms can collect US$30,000 per month per employee, charge
US$1,000 a day to feed soldiers) and (b) tax cuts for the
most wealthy Americans.

I was born in Charity Hospital in New Orleans, an excellent
hospital staffed by two universities. My family has been
treated there for many generations. As the business of
health care in the United States has been privatized and
hospitals turned into profit-making large corporations,
Charity Hospital has become essentially a hospital for the
poor, for those who do not have medical insurance. (If I
recall correctly) it is the oldest hospital in the U.S., a
huge skyscraper building on one of the major streets. At
any time after the hurricane, large Army trucks could drive
to the hospital. But none were sent. For five days after
the hurricane, the hospital and many hundreds of medical
staff and critically-ill patients were abandoned, forgotten.
Generators failed, out of gas or flooded. Of course,
hospital emergency generators are expected to last only for
a limited time, until help arrives. But no help was sent to
the hospital. No power, no lights, no ventilation, no air
conditioning, no water, no toilet or ways of disposing of
waste. No tests could be run on dying patients, electric
breathing and pumping machines had to be operated by hand,
day-after-day. Food, water, medicines ran out and had to
be apportioned among the most ill patients. Nurses and
doctors went without food or water for days, working through
the nights, saving water for patients, giving themselves
saline intravenous injections in place of food and water.
There are thousands of suitable military trucks are within
several hours drive of New Orleans. Many were loaded with
water, food, emergency supplies, but were withheld and not
sent to the city. I have been told by one emergency
worker that there was some concern that Federal managers
might be criticized if their trucks were damaged by water
or lost, after one convoy of trucks were sent to a flooded
parking areas and reportedly were flooded.

Doctors in Charity Hospital, using cell phones as long as
they lasted, made hundreds of phones calls for help -- to
Federal officials, to other hospitals, to news sources --
describing the horrific conditions and begging for help. It
is my understanding that no serious effort was made to reach
the hospital, or to at least air-drop water, food, medical
supplies. No help went to Charity Hospital for FIVE DAYS
after the hurricane. FIVE DAYS.


Old Post 09-06-2005 07:23 PM
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Disco's Bitch

Registered: Mar 2002
Location: Dover, DE


News people have driven into the city with satellite TV
transmission equipment, looked around, sent out live
reports, and driven out again. But no help went to Charity
Hospital. This failure to provide help was repeated over and
over again in the city. Today, more than seven days after
the hurricane winds were over, significant numbers of people
are still trapped in their apartments, or the roofs or
attics of their small houses, without any food or water
other then what was at hand. Still trapped.

Literally many hundreds of people skilled in disaster and
flood rescue, offering boats, busses, planes, even trains,
have been turned away from the New Orleans area because of
red tape. Just one example, my local Loudoun County police
department received a frantic call for help from the head of
police in an area near New Orleans -- an area where people
were dying in demolished buildings, corpses were laying
unattended, thousands of people were without water or food.
Power was out and phones were down, but the official calling
for help was able to get through on a cell phone, his call
"Please, please, we are desperate for help, can you send
your people." My local police head (1,500 miles from New
Orleans) went into emergency mode, assembled a large team of
his officers, vehicles, food and water, tents and supplies
so his people could be self-sustaining, and promised the
people calling for help that his men were on the way. After
driving hundreds of miles, they were stopped and told to go
back home -- because the local police head asking for help,
in the midst of death and devastation, had not gone through
the proper channels. It is now 7 days after the hurricane,
and my local officials still have not received permission
for their police officers to begin travel to Louisiana.

To summarize, the flood in New Orleans is the result of man
-- four years ago stopping maintenance work on protective
levees (similar to the Dutch dike system) needed to protect
the city, then the U.S. Federal government failing to plan
for such a disaster (For example, providing at least some
emergency disaster communications. There are none.) then the
Federal officials stepping in to "take control" and actually
preventing local officials, who know well what to do, from
taking needed action.

Are my statements accurate? While people are dying, having
waited more than a week for rescue, and while there are
corpses all over this American city rotting in the hot sun,
equipment is being diverted from rescue work to create
"photo opportunity" scenes for the touring President of the
United States.

I can take you to a small town where a school building was
used to house people rescued from New Orleans, crowded
together with no electricity, no water, no toilet
facilities, no food, no ventilation, no communication to
their loved ones, desperate and with some seriously ill.
This school building is across the street from an Air Force
base where troops were stationed, playing basketball and
lounging in the sun -- with food, water, medical facilities.
But the troops were not permitted to leave their base to
help the people in desperate need, and the victims were not
permitted to enter the Air Force Base.

As upsetting as the above statements are, they are true, and
need to be said. For shame. For shame.

Remember, it was NOT wind damage that took New Orleans, that
destroyed the city. Yes, there was a hurricane. The city has
survived such hurricanes many times before -- it was the
collapse of two levees that happened a day after the winds
subsided. Is this high water that collapsed the levees an
unusual event for New Orleans? Think about it. The
Mississippi River rises and floods in the Spring of almost
every year. Floods and threats to the levee system are not
new, and not unusual. New Orleans knows how to deal with
high water threats. But not if the Federal government both
(a) stops work on maintaining the levees, and (b) ties the
hands of local officials for rescue efforts.

2) The hurricane disaster along the Gulf coastline to the east
of New Orleans is a different situation. This was truly an
event of nature, the damage done by the hurricane and mostly
by the wall of water pushed on shore by the winds, what is
called a storm surge. I have lived through hurricanes on
the Gulf Coast, there can be devastating damage from winds,
but the huge wall of water that swept through is unique.
The devastation is terrible, many lives were lost, but I see
this as an act of nature, not an act of inhuman greed on the
part of man.

My apologies for the above, but it needs to be said.

It also must be said that many, many good people are working
night and day on rescue efforts in New Orleans and along the
Gulf Coast. They need to be applauded.

I also must say that the several hundred thousand black and poor
people in New Orleans are among the kindest, most moral people
in the world. They will stop their activities to help others,
they willingly share their food and money with others in need.
They are not disposable, and they are not garbage. To see them
treated in this fashion offends me deeply.

I expect that some good Americans will wish to protest that I
should not embarrass my county in such fashion, that the ISOC
list is not the place for this, or perhaps wish to say that
this did not happen. If you feel I am wrong, I would like to
hear from you.


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Disco's Bitch

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thank you for putting that up Jeta.

I'm sure everyone by now is familiar with JP's charge that FEMA had the emergency comm lines cut to JP so that only theirs were operational so as not to have a confusion of authority, and then did nothing.
Or of how Aaron Broussard broke down on Meet the Press, when telling us of how Walter Maestri, the man we've seen for years in charge of this, and who by the way was a featured interviewee on NOW with Bill Moyers 3.5 years ago about this very subject (which was a lengthy piece, occurring just as the funding was beginning to be slashed) as Mr. Maestri, couldn't even get help for his mother in St. Bernard I believe, for five days until she drowned in her nursing home. FIVE DAYS, 120 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe it is only through continued outrage will a cleansing occur. We need a cleansing, from the interventionist, scumbag, profiteering war mongering lot that have co-opted our country,.....ever since the time when our grandparents' generation cleaned out the nazi clock 60 years ago. And who now in the epitomal expression of a lack of domestic loyalty and subservience to unsustainable profit, desire to turn us into a serf nation while China ascends into paranoid world domination. I'm sorry, but I just can't accept those values.

The person who wrote that piece deserves a thank you.
Sometimes the eyes of outsiders offer perspective otherwise unnoticed.


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